I Used to Cycle


I used to ride a bike, at least several times a week. I used to suit up in spandex and do battle with the hills, back in the days when I realized that success was more about attitude than skill. I used to put on my helmet and mount my steed, fleeing from my life’s daily struggles and troubles to commune with the road. I used to cherish those carefree moments and count the spaces between them. I used to surrender complexity for the simplicity of one pedal stroke after another.

I think of those days fondly, and wonder if I can find that simplistic and hopeful place again. I put on the lycra and the helmet, I don the gloves and mount the steed…but the feeling doesn’t come galloping in. My head is filed with doubts while my body cringes in weakness. I long for the certainty of spirit, the fortitude of muscle, and the focus of time well spent.


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