Motivation Rumination


How much do our motivations matter in the analysis of our actions? If I offer a co-worker help when our manager is present, does it make my intentions less pure or the offer less desirable? If I commit to a bike ride to raise money for a cause, but I also have an amazing experience…does the money matter less? If I achieve great success in my life, does it matter if that excellence was motivated by fear of failure?

I am haunted by the question of motivations — especially whether a fear-based motivation could be less effective, or perhaps even more harmful, than more purely-based motivations such as desire for achievement or desire to make the world a better place. I also wonder what happens when your current motivation is either not present or ineffectively motivates. Is it possible to find a path that takes one from fear-based motivation to more positive territory? And will the results of this re-homing be more pure or more satisfying as a result?


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