I’m usually a whirlwind of activity — sprinting from activity to commitment through my days and weeks. But occasionally I find some stillness — places in time where I am not committed to anything, and where I actually rest. There’s a stillness of body, mind, and spirit at these times that is usually foreign to me. I’ll still make lists of things I want to accomplish or experience, but tragically none of them get done. Instead, the stillness prevails.

This morning, I meant to go on a bike ride after some early morning meetings…but instead, the hot tub sucked me in. After some emails, a nap on the bed while pretending to read a book. And now I’m blogging. Later, will likely be a stroll downtown, a late lunch, and perhaps a small hike through the redwoods if I can summon the energy. There will be an evening bike ride – 20-30 miles — even if I have to haul myself onto the seat. Stillness can only go so far.

The stillness does bring reflection, though. I’ve been thinking about how happy I’ve been professionally, and how blessed I’ve been to work with great people. It’s not perfect, and I often complain…but on the whole, I’ve been happy. I’ve been thinking about how lucky I am to have so many people who love me, and who have been here to share in my life through the past many years. I’ve been considering what things I want to do to make the world a better place, and to better love the people around me. All good stuff, this stillness that creates clarity and reflection. Hopefully it will bring focus to the action head, to the times more chaotic and frenzied.


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