A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Bike Ride


I had a moment of epiphany today. I’d been feeling like life was an uphill battle that I was losing — that I had too many challenges, too little time, and too little energy to make the changes I want to make. I’d started to give up, just a little…taking small shortcuts and really starting to disbelieve in my plan. It happens in little bits, I think. We get used to losing or struggling and we forget how to win.

This morning I realized that I was through the worst of the past two years of stress, and I was coming out on the other side. That I wasn’t losing. The worst was behind me. In front of my lay an opportunity to have the life I want, and to build a new vision for myself that would be just as compelling as the old one. I realized that I had permission to start over, and that I’d laid a solid foundation to have a most excellent future. That it was time.

Every day is an opportunity, and a choice to have something better. To be the person I want to be. To volunteer and give back to the community, to be successful at work, to have a strong and enduring relationship, and to be in the best physical shape I can achieve. The journey started today. There will be uphill periods, but there will be flats and downhills too.

The Velomenati have it right. As I get stronger, it won’t get any easier. I’ll just go faster.


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