Things that Matter


I read an article about how defining your days as “busy” effectively gives you an excuse to ignore the most important things in your life. It suggested that we should eliminate the word “busy” from our vocabulary because it’s not a virtue, and it signals that we’re not able to manage our time effectively.

Everyone who reads this blog (all 3 of you) knows I’m into effective management of everything, and that I simply abhor inefficiency.

The article, and my life in general, has me thinking a lot about how I can cut out the noise, so that I free up my time for the people I love, for new experiences, and to nourish my soul. My soul has been on a steady diet of “10 hours of conference calls chased by 300 daily emails” for way too long. My soul wants to enjoy cookies and hot chocolate, with a sidecar of whiskey.

Meaningful connections at work, as well as in personal life, take much more time and energy to plan. We have to ignore the small stuff that randomize us, so that we can focus on what’s important. At work, that’s the stuff that changes the game — saves our customers time and money or allows them to reinvent their business. We need to spend less time lamenting what we can’t accomplish and more time actually adding value with what’s in our arsenal today.

In my personal life, that means more time outdoors, more time exercising, and more time spent with the people I care about. It’s trying a new recipe, because I love to cook…and then inviting over my loved ones to share it with me. Less time running useless errands and more time taking a bath with a good book.

Here’s to not being busy…but having a life filled with meaningful experiences and the people we love.


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