Soft kitty, fluffy kitty


Warm kitty, soft kitty, cuddly kitty that makes my lap a home. Feelings of peace and contentment surround you as you stretch out on my legs and begin to purr. I don’t even mind when you leave fur on my trousers, or use me as a podium for your licking marathons. Your soft purrs and yawns of contentment are reward enough.

Tiny kitty, sprawling kitty, protesting kitty that resides in my bed. For something so small, you surely take up a tremendous amount of space. You want the warmest spot on the bed, which is usually where I am laying. You plot evil schemes to stage a bedtime coup and steal the warm covers. Misdirection and verbal harassment are your weapons, and you work under cover of night.

Demanding kitty, protesting kitty, kitty that only vomits hairballs between midnight and 5 am. You spend your days sleeping so that you have energy to stalk me when I return from work. You demand that your litterbox be cleaned, you complain until you’ve been fed chicken. And when all these tasks are done, soft and warm kitty emerges and you settle down purring on my lap.

Satin kitty, purring kitty, snuggly kitty…I am a slave to your charms.


One thought on “Soft kitty, fluffy kitty

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