Cognitive Dissonance


It’s been a weird week. After six years of living the Microsoft life, I’ve changed jobs and my toolset has also changed dramatically. Old toolset: PC, Surface, Windows Phone with core apps: Exchange, SkyDrive, SharePoint, Lync, and Yammer. New toolset: Mac, iPad, Android Phone with core apps: Gmail, GDrive, Hangouts, Fuze, and Yammer.

I knew it would happen, but my productivity has completely gone out the window. I lost my 2000+ contacts and couldn’t find a way to import them into Google (I had them in a .pst file, which my Mac couldn’t read and my Gmail account wouldn’t upload). The loss of my contacts had me wandering the streets of Burlingame unable to get hold of a friend that I’d scheduled a meet up with….and eventually sending me home in frustration.

I also lost my ability to navigate simple tasks, like searching for information in my company directory or tracking down the IT person who was strangely absent and left me half- configured in my company toolset.

I’m a Luddite technologist, I’ve decided. I do not love technology for the sake of technology. My heart does not accelerate at the prospect of a new widget. I am not an early adopter, unless I find a technology that significantly improves the quality of my life, my productivity, or makes me happy. My new tools accomplish none of these things yet, nor are they particularly intuitive for an ex-Microsoft fangirl like me.

But ask me for a net analysis in a year, when I’ve gotten over the frustration of not knowing how to print a document on a Mac and not being able to find my company directory in Gmail. Maybe then I’ll have something nice to say. Right now, I’m kind of in a “who moved my cheese” moment, even though I know I have no one to blame but me.


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