Small Changes


Yesterday I talked about how my scenery got changed involuntarily when my office space was moved. Today I’m writing about how I’ve been changing my own scenery. I’ve started putting up photos in my cube, and I’ve started meeting friends in the break room. I brought a bottle of bourbon into the office, and I’m cracking jokes. Some of the jokes are even naughty.

All of these small steps mean I’m making myself at home at Fuzebox. I’ve now done 3 customer meetings and two big demos. While I have yet to sell a single license, it’s simply a matter of time. Hopefully days, not weeks. 🙂

Heck, now I’m making plans to set up a friend and our IT guy on a date. That must mean something about my level of comfort with worlds colliding.

It’s nice to make myself a bit more comfortable in my space, and it means I can start on the real work of making this company the most successful adventure I’ve had to date. Watch out, Fuzebox.


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