It’s Springtime!


It’s spring in San Francisco a bit early this year. I’m used to worrying about hot temperatures at the end of May, when the currents shift and we get an early summer. I’m not used to 70F+ days in the City, or the 80F+ day planned in South Bay this weekend.

It’s going to be hot, and this is my first 100 mile cycling weekend of 2014. In the heat, no less! I will spread out those 100 miles over two days, so I’m not too worried about my ability to complete the rides. In fact, Calaveras is one of my most loved routes and I’m very much looking forward to Sunday!

Hydrate. Sunblock. Sunscreen containing lip balm. Electrolytes (and salt, in my favorite form of salty chips). It’s all part of the hot weather plan.

Mentally, I’m already on the bike, as I stare out the window at the sunlight and the happy people walking down Spear Street. I wish I was doing something more fun than work!


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