Waiting for the Boot Screen


As I was cycling to Calaveras yesterday, it hit me. I’ve been walking around expecting things to be difficult and prone to failure. I’ve been a little like Chicken Little lately…waiting for the sky to fall. I’ve been like the girl who does the upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1 and sees the little circling ball…and expects to lose all her data and for the system to crash.

The sky generally does not fall, and when it does it’s usually in the form of rain (which can be soothing and nourishing). The system has upgraded and no data has been lost. Heck, I even got a new PC that’s even better than the old one! The reboot is finished and I need to move on, and expect successes while I do it.

I’ve had winning days over the past month, but I’ve ignored them in the overwhelming noise of days with frustrations and setbacks. I need to stop ignoring my successes and paying attention to my failures. I need to stop expecting the worst, and plan for success.

Chicken Little, begone. I’m having chicken dinner tonight.


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