Drinking the Funky Tea


I bought a really cool tea infuser in Denmark last fall…it has a silicone top that looks like a (purple) leaf. It holds massive amounts of loose leaf tea, which allows me to brew a really strong cup. And it makes me think of Per…the fundamental Danishness of the beautiful, simple, and useful infuser is the essence of simplicity.

I brew coffee at home and pour it into a travel mug for the commute. Coffee gets me going in the morning, gives me my caffeine boost, and should be served with flavored creamer. It’s a valuable part of the morning (I grind it freshly) until I get to work.

When I get to work, I drink the funky tea. One of the many cool things about Fuze is that they subscribe to a “teas of the month” program. Every month we get bags of different teas – we have about 20 of them at any given time – that I’ve never heard of. Today I’m drinking Sencha Green with fermented rice. It’s kind of malty, verging on spoiled, which is an odd addition to the green tea. I’m sure it’s healthy for me, and it certainly makes my mouth feel differently about tea overall.

This afternoon, I have my eye on the Herbal Mate. I’m expanding my horizons, which should be a metaphor for something.

Maybe that’s why Fuze buys the funky tea.


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