Experiment. Fail. Learn. Not on Prod.


I saw this poster on the wall of our office, right next to the Developer team desks…and I just had to write about it. At first glance, it’s funny because I can see a frustrated sales or support person making the correction to the poster. Perhaps after a late night of troubleshooting bugs with angry customers on the phone, or after a key prospect walked away from the product. It was probably dark outside, and the person was missing dinner with his family. He walked by the poster on the way to grab a beer from the company fridge, a nice cold liquid dinner ahead of him. And he did the only thing he could…remind the damn engineers to stop putting crappy code into the product.

But perhaps it’s a larger metaphor for life. Of course we need to experiment, fail, learn, and evolve. It’s part of being human.

But what’s “prod” and what’s “dev” in life? Are there some instances in which it’s not OK to experiment and fail? Perhaps driving down a freeway at 90 MPH is an example of such a scenario. Perhaps experimenting with the people we love and who love us is another example. Or perhaps relationships and jobs and the stuff that really count in life are exactly where we need to experiment and learn and evolve the most?

Food for thought.


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