What’s the Pulse?


He asked me a couple of questions, and then took my pulse. For about 5 minutes I sat silently and studied the surrounding jars of mysterious dried substances, leaves, and powders. His lined, 70-something face looked intent. His eyes were closed. He occasionally adjusted his fingers minutely as they sat on my wrist.

And then he sat back, opened his eyes, and began speaking. He explained that my kidneys were very weak, and that I had a build up of uric and other acids in my body as a result. He also opined that my circulation was bad, which was probably the cause of some of the swelling I experience. He said that if we could lower my body’s acidity, improve my kidney function, and enhance circulation that I wouldn’t need any arthritis medications…and suggested I could see a significant benefit in a month.

I’m curious to know what an herbalist can tell from my pulse, and whether the program he outlined will truly work. However, I am giving it a try over the next month — taking supplements and making some significant diet changes — in the hopes that I will see the promised improvement. It was a fascinating experience to go to his office and and have the herbalist tell me things that agreed with conversations with my western medical physicians, as well as with the acupuncturist I saw last year.

Maybe my pulse really did speak to him. We’ll see.


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