The ‘Coaster


This selfie is me on a rollercoaster. A literal roller coaster, located at Great America which is just next door to my office. And the truth is, I’ve also been on a metaphorical roller coaster for the past several months. Job turmoil, health troubles, and all…it’s been a wild ride.

I feel like things are finally looking up. The job is pretty good – nice people, reasonable expectations, and some really nice perqs so far. And two days does NOT make a trend, but I’m feeling a little better too. So I’m hoping that I’m actually heading up that hill on the ‘coaster and it’s going to be smooth sailing for a while.

But whether I’m whining or I’m flying high…I just want to write that I am so grateful for all the support and ideas and care I’ve received from friends and family. I feel loved, and I feel blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.

I sure hope I’m one of the wonderful people in your life too.


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