Going Girlie


I’ve never really considered myself to be a girlie girl…I’m more likely to wear Tevas than heels, enjoy lycra and cotton over silk, and I often forgo my makeup outside of work. It’s always been this way, except for a blessedly brief spell in 8th grade when I’d invest 90 minutes a day in hair and makeup. I learned pretty quickly that I preferred sleep to curling iron and hairspray. In my 30’s, I improved on this trend by limiting my trips to the hairdresser to once per year.

I was the bookish Tomboy growing up, although I hated organized sports. In college, I was the female Engineer seeking to blend in. As a young professional, I was the woman working in manufacturing doing men’s jobs. I’ve never been unfeminine, but I haven’t really gone out of my way to flaunt my female assets.

Recently, I’ve been making a bit more of an effort to enjoy my feminine side. I’ve been wearing richer fabrics, more fitted clothes, using eyeliner and more lipstick…and in mid-June I even got a manicure. My nails are no longer bitten down to the quick, and it makes me more willing to think that hands might be something to show off, rather than something to hide.

These small changes might have opened the door for others to appreciate me more, too. I got called “beautiful” and “gorgeous” today by two complete strangers, in two separate interactions. The compliments made me glow. It’s not often that complete strangers say nice things.

I’m trying some new things. The ones that don’t take too much time could even stick…which might make me seem a bit more girlie than usual.

I’m not giving up the lycra, though.


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