Harrying Hummy


We’ve had a hummingbird feeder hanging from our deck for about a year now, since we first moved into our new house. I find it fun to feed both the hummingbirds and the song birds – their chirping wakes me in the morning, and their nightly feeding rituals entertain me while I’m cooking dinner.

About three weeks ago, I purchased a new feeder and hung it by our sliding glass door so that it’s in easy view of our family room and kitchen. We’ve lured enormous amounts of hummingbirds directly to our window and often within 5 feet of us. It’s been amazing to watch their antics and their capacity to consume sugar water.

And then we were visited by Harry the Hummy. Harry decided the feeder was meant for him and no other bird. He screeches out warning chirps to any other hummy who approaches, and buzzes in hot pursuit if any bird comes too close to his personal stash of sugar water. He’s loud, he’s pushy, and Harry spends so much energy and time protecting “his” feeder that he barely gets to eat himself. I’m assuming he has a nest somewhere, but he’s at our feeder from morning to night.

It’s a job for Harry the Hummy, and I decided it was time to lighten his load. I took our feeder down to encourage him to move on, and it took him a solid 24 hours to realize his bottomless well of sugar wasn’t coming back. He finally departed, enabling me to put the feeder back in place so that all our birds could share the food.

And yet, today he’s returned. Harry the Hummy has a monkey on his back, and it’s called Wendy’s sugar water.

Why can’t we all just get along and share?


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