A Million Treats


It’s funny what a small decision can do in terms of your perception and stress levels. Today I chose not to do two simple things, in my “quarter of quarter” — I decided to skip my last malaria pill (which meant skipping a long detour to the pharmacy to pick up the single pill), and I decided to hit the pause button on my emails so that I could travel home before rush hour (and finish work at home). I even extended the pause button for an hour and stopped by the gym on the way home.

And suddenly I feel grateful and happy and not at all stressed. At the top of my grateful list…

1. Sunrises (as pictured above) while lying in bed, contemplating my day. I seem to get my best introspective thinking done before 7 am.
2. Avocado, always in the fridge. Sometimes I eat it for breakfast or a snack, often straight up with a spoon.
3. Exercise. My body is pitifully out of shape, yet I’m grateful for the couple of pain free weeks I’ve had and the focus to get back to the gym. Two days and counting!
4. Evening walks. Per and I talk about life, the Universe, and the impending zombie apocalypse. Must. Buy. Bullets.
5. Friends, new and old. They’ve been making me feel really special recently. Thanks Aleks, Pooja, Beth, Rob, Smital, Reiko, Scott, Oskar, Christopher, Mo…heck, that was just the past week.
6. My job. Every day is a challenge, and I feel like I’m making a difference. My coworkers also seem to think I’m fun to work with, which helps. The feeling is mutual.

I’m just going to sign off with a big thank you to the universe. This quarter of quarter is awesome.


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