Suited Up


It’s been a really tough week. I’ve been questioning the meaning of life and my place in this world, and especially the meaning of happiness. It’s led to some melancholy moments and more than a few tears.

I keep coming back to this sole, irrefutable fact: life gives us terrible beauty and harsh kindness all at the same time. Almost every tough moment is also a wish for a brighter future, and almost every ending is the painful birth of something new. In seeing the good balanced with the horrible, we can find hope for the future and energy to sustain us through dark nights of despair until we can see the varicolored sunrise.

My heart is full of love and heavy with sadness. My days are filled with myriad small adversities but also the promise of something great. I have so many moments of joy but they often get overshadowed by the wish for something greater. I should revel in my accomplishments but instead I cry bitter tears over my failures.

Space Duck is becoming my meme for this difficult week: I do not know what the moments of today will bring me. All I can do is suit up in my space suit, leveraging my best skills and brightest technologies, and hope that the day brings me more success than failure…and that the space suit hangs tough for tomorrow.

I sure wish I floated as well as Space Duck.


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