The Why We Work


Sure, we work to make a paycheck…and it’s certainly true that we wouldn’t work so hard if we made absolutely nothing for our efforts.  But after the basic selection of what career/job/company will optimize income and quality of life, it’s really not about the money…at least, it isn’t for me.

It’s about building sustainable teams full of people who trust and like one another.  It’s about creating learning organizations with processes that make everyone better.  It’s about having fun, and occasionally it’s about winning.  Work is especially about winning when I can find ways that both my customers and I win at the same time.  On really good days, work is also about learning something new.

When I get demotivated or leave a role, it’s because I’m not learning anymore, or my rate of wins decreases (and I’m less successfully building teams, creating value, improving processes).  When I hit low points in productivity and effectiveness, I find that I deeply question my methods, skills, and resolve to move forward.  I’ve been having one of those periods this week.  Perhaps it’s just true that we all have productivity lulls at work, and that no job is ever perfect.  And perhaps it’s true that the “honeymoon” at Avaya is finally over and now I’m trying to processize my role.

Either way, the “why” I work has been another key focus area for deliberation this week.


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