Fire Hose


Be careful what you ask for…that should be my new mantra.

One of the reasons I left MSFT was that I felt like I was lagging vs. my peers when it came to promotions, plum assignments, and executive exposure — despite the fact that I was doing very well in the company’s somewhat notorious ranking system.  My hypothesis was that I’d more opportunities in a mid-market company (20 K employees and $4.5 M revenue).

It seems I was more right than I would possibly guess.

I don’t have a week when I’m not meeting with at least a VP level contact, and I get CEO exposure.  I’m constantly prepping for yet another executive meeting, either in my own company or within my customer’s organization.  I’m leading a team of talented people, and we’re doing really cool new stuff.  Avaya is even changing its product development timelines and (occasionally) features based on my input and my customer’s needs.

And now I’m interviewing for a newer, even bigger role…after only five months with the company.  It’s exciting and humbling and my life is moving really, really fast.  Sure, there are warts and issues and no job is perfect.  There are things I miss about MSFT.  But I love how bright my future looks right now.

Fire hose, meet Wendy.  The next few months should be interesting.


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