Minute by Minute


In many ways, time seems to fly by…it seems like just yesterday that I moved to California to start a new life of working at FP International and attending UC Berkeley for my MBA.  I certainly don’t feel much different from this time — filled with wonder at this new life and all of its amazing blessings.  My life now looks completely different from that spring day in 2003 — but I feel the same on the inside, even if I have more wrinkles and grey hair and battle scars.

And yet, minutes are precious.  I have this little competition with myself every morning, where I try to compress my morning routine just a little bit more.  Can I get dressed, feed the cat, brew the coffee, scoop litter, eat breakfast, and put on jewelery and makeup in 15 minutes?  How about 14?

If I have 5 minutes between meetings – due to a miraculous early ending of a prior meeting – what can I do with this time?  Can I answer 3 emails and also make a bio break?  Do I have time to call and refill that prescription too?

My daily thought is that minutes are precious and I can often be miraculously efficient…and yet, looking in the distance time contracts and eleven years feels like a brief moment ago.  How amazingly complex.


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