Making Whole


Perhaps life is a progression of tearing oneself down and putting the pieces back together again.  The fundamental pieces never change, but the configuration and orientation of them often shift during construction cycles.  I’m in a building phase right now, after my resting phase of the past few months.

One of the building blocks I’m dusting off is music.  Over the past several months, I’ve been *listening* more to music and trying to re-include it in my life.  As a result of this effort, I now have the desire to perform again…after long years away from the stage.  I’m a bit reluctant to pick up an instrument, as I fear the long hours of practicing…so I’m going to try singing.  I can sing in the shower, or in the car while commuting to work…this instrument is far more portable.

I’m auditioning next Monday for a second soprano/first alto seat in a semi-competitive choir with performances four times per season.  Our first number would be in February as a backup to an opera – six songs, in Spanish.  I’m nervous about the audition, because I haven’t performed in more than 10 years and I have no formal singing background…but hopeful that it will all work out.

Perhaps this piece of my life will stay more consistent from this point forward.  I guess we’ll see after the audition.


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