22 Floors


I grew up wearing frumpy floral clothing in fabrics made of rayon and polyester.  As I transitioned into adulthood, I discovered cotton and wool separates and solid colors and I vowed I’d never go back to florals or patterns.  However, my styling senses haven’t changed much in 20 years — I wear comfortable, roomy, classic, and practical clothes.

I spent my week in New York, surrounded by my new team of brassy and stylish sales people.  They shun baggy and classic fashion, and find it perfectly acceptable to wear bowler hats and leopard print dresses to meetings.  Four inch heels are de rigueur and I constantly imagine that they look down on my classic midwestern values…let alone my slouchy Californian sensibilities.

I went shopping last night after work, trying to gain some insights into New Yorker fashion.  I found a Macy’s with 22 floors of fashion – touted as the largest department store in the world.  Within this stunning monument to retail, I found a myriad of florals and patterns, feathers and bowler hats, fashion and farce.  It was simply overwhelming.

I contemplated a business suit that featured a pink linen jacket, white starched shirt, and pink feathered skirt.  I imagined myself becoming a New Yorker and flouncing proudly into a meeting wearing this fashion concoction…and knew that I could never channel the sheer bravado that it would take to walk into a room wearing such garb.

I am humbled by New York…its fashion, its blustery people and even more blustery weather.  I have yet to decipher either the fashion or the people, but I look forward to my ongoing adventures.


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