I suspect it’s why people have babies and adopt kittens and puppies…or at least one of the driving reasons.  We all want to experience “new” from the viewpoint of another being’s eyes.  We get so tired of all the strife, the cynicism, the compromises, and the failures…that we just want to have wonder again.

To see the world with new eyes.  To believe that almost anything is possible, while at the same time being simply amazed at the most mundane happenings.

We become weary of our own internal monologues.  The thin excuses for not even trying.  The threadbare confidence and suffocating insecurities.  The litany of defeats and disappointments and despondencies.  Even if living is easier when we don’t try, and even if society is better matched with cynicism than commitment…we wish for more.

We wish for the world to be new again, for the good guy to win, and for endless possibilities.  We want great happinesses, not the little ones we settle for…the little ones we tell ourselves are enough.  We want these new moments of joy and wonder, and we want them not just for ourselves but for those we love.

We want to make the world new.


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