Going Gently


I like to think of myself as invincible, that there’s nothing that hard work, stubbornness, and a bit of creative thinking can’t conquer.  I want to have a positive outlook, feel strong and healthy, and pack my day full of meaningful activities.  I’m never happier than when I have time to exercise, contribute fully to work, and spend time with friends.  And in these goals, I’m sure I’m not that different from most everyone I know.

I haven’t been very invincible or strong recently.  I haven’t been very positive either, and that’s leading me to feel like I have a dearth of meaningful activities in my life.  I’ve been unhappy and just a little bit whiny.

I know this too will pass.  I also know the source of all this angst:  my health, which should be the foundation of all my invincibility.  Right now, I’m fighting a battle with my arthritis and the arthritis is winning.  So’s the damn sprained/broken/disabled ankle that’s keeping me even more sedentary than usual.  Without good health, I’m fatigued all the time.  Without mobility in the ankle, I can’t generate endorphins that make me feel invincible.  Without endorphins and a strong body, my world shrinks to three basic things:  work, food, and sleep.

I keep telling myself to be patient, that this flare up will pass, the ankle will heal, and I’ll find invincibility again.  Gentle is the key word for today.


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