I spent two hours on the beach this afternoon, reading my Kindle and enjoying the sounds of the surf.  I didn’t expect much more than a bit of sunlight and relaxation, hard-earned after a day of exhaustion and excitement.  I didn’t expect to see whales.

The whales breached near the beach, bringing reminders of the strangeness of the deep and the tranquility of the blue sea below.  They arrived as guests to our hurried world, completely unaware and unconcerned about our humdrum lives and human foibles.  They arrived into my life for a brief moment, a reminder that there is a world below the surface that I neglect and ignore.

Like the whales, I feel my awareness surfacing that it’s time for something new.  The whales feel like emissaries from my potential, arrived to tell me to look deeper, seek ahead, and listen to the quiet voice inside me that it’s time to breach into the future.


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