Like a Dog with a Bone


There’s this guy that I work with who’s been doggedly fighting a deal I’m trying to write at work.  He sits in the Finance department and has taken it to heart that this particular contract is “bad for the company” and is throwing up objections and disruptions.  His dogged pursuit has continued even after his manager approved the deal and told us to proceed.

The guy isn’t the issue, nor is the deal.  The focus of my introspection is my reaction to the situation – I’ve had the urge to dismiss his concerns and I’ve been actively avoiding talking with him.  I rarely behave this way — I love partnering with people and the internal selling process generally.  But this time, I’ve resented the intrusion.

Perhaps it’s the delivery of the objections (the words are nice, the tone not so much) or perhaps it’s that I’ve grown tired of red tape.  Either way, I’m reminding myself as I write this note that I need to slow down, breathe, exercise patience, and respect others.

Thank goodness it’s almost Friday!


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