Working It


The past week has been a gradual unwinding, as I resigned from my role at Avaya and I’ve been “getting things off my plate” in an orderly fashion.  As I unwind from this company and role, I realize that I’d stopped focusing on so many other aspects of my life while I was traveling and trying to make things work professionally.  Like Sisyphus, I was pushing the rock up the hill on a daily basis and I wasn’t making much progress on anything else.

I’d forgotten to pay attention to my health — and I certainly wasn’t spending any time training my body for physical endurance.  I wasn’t feeding my soul either — I stopped learning and much of my non-recreational reading.  And I haven’t been spending enough time feeding my relationships either.  All of my “other” energy was swallowed up in the job, which was often both overwhelming and under-rewarding.

As I unwind from all that stress and negative internal monologue, I’m rediscovering energy to learn, to connect with friends, to ride my bike, and to travel.  I’m certain that a mere 20 days off won’t allow me to fully correct on all levels, but all indications are trending in the right direction.  I’ve found my balance again and I’m cautiously optimistic about my ability to maintain it into the new job.

For now, I’m excited about going to Florence and Pisa in mid-September.  I’ll read a ton, and exercise (Pisa by bike!), and stay up late chatting with Per and Lyssi.  It’s time to feed my body and soul, so I remember what normal, happy, engaged Wendy feels like.  That’s “working it” in a positive way, even when I’m not working.


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