We are endurance cyclists.  We know the pleasure of uniting muscle, sinew, and bone with mental fortitude.  We assemble our arsenal of training, determination, and experience to deliver new feats of distance and climbing and (occasionally) speed.  We all know that the endurance game is just as much mental as physical. We speak soothingly to our demons as we pedal long distances, alone with our thoughts.

We know the feeling of being tapped out – when we have nothing left to give, when we’ve dug into our mental and physical reserves and we find ourselves wanting.  We’ve felt the tears of defeat that mingle with our sweat and the grit of the road.  We’ve all looked at the long route ahead and despaired of ever reaching the finish line.

But more often, we know the pride of accomplishment – that moment when all the sweat, the river of tears, the grueling headwinds and the hours of training pay off.  The moment when we accomplish the unthinkable, or witness one of our family achieve a dream.  The moment we roll into victory, buoyed by the waves of endorphins and cheered on by our sisters and brothers.

We are endurance cyclists; we will take this day’s victory and return stronger, destined for another new challenge.


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