Words of Advice

Malini suggested that I fill some of my sedentary free time with blogging, since I’m looking for activities that don’t require me to walk or use my booted foot.  Her suggested topic was lessons for young ladies — advice on career, budgeting, and planning from the female perspective.  At first, it made me wonder if I had perspective.  And then I reflected on the many afternoons I’ve sat young teens down and discussed just these topics.

I don’t know how many ideas from those conversations have sunk in, but maybe if I publish a blog the information will be there for someone – young or old – at precisely the moment when they need it most.  Since ideas are fungible, it’s really important to have access to them at the moment of need.  Not just when some crazy lady sits you down and forces you to listen.

I am that crazy lady, but you don’t have to listen.  I’ll start tomorrow, I think — and after spending several hours on Medium over the past couple of weeks, I think I can manage to write at least as good an advice column as most of their contributors.  I guess it’s time to match intent with action — and maybe that’ll be my first “lesson.”


Power and Politics


I still have Nothing to Complain About…but I’ve decided I should be more regular about my blogging.  Today’s challenge is political maneuvering.  During my first three weeks at my new job, I’ve been advocating for change and setting big goals.  It struck me as natural to come in and assess our gaps – what needed to be changed, tightened up, or implemented.  I eagerly started putting proposals in place…happy to make an impact, establish my brand, and prove my intelligence.

It’s taken me two weeks to realize that I may have committed to newbie mistake of coming on too strong.  In identifying areas of improvement, I was criticizing my co-workers and superiors.  In advocating for change I’ve been suggesting that we’re doing it wrong.

All this complexity drives me nuts.  I natively challenge the status quo, but not because I want to be critical.  I want to expand the pie for everyone, not criticize others or create a political turf war.  I’m happy to reconsider my notions and keep what makes sense – I rarely have too much pride of ownership.  I just want to do what moves the company and my sales organization forward.

However, it might be time to pause in my efforts – to observe but not change, to suggest more quietly, and to let the organization catch up a bit.  I might make more friends that way.

Nothing to Complain About

Apparently, I have an extra bone in my right foot that puts me at a mechanical disadvantage and makes me more likely to sprain my ankle.  My left foot does not have the same design, so my mutancy is mis-matched.  The bone was probably a contributing factor to my ankle injury, but it did not put the orthopedic boot on my foot. I’ve been wearing the boot for approximately two weeks, and I am hopeful (but not confident) that I’ll be released from my podiatric prison on Thursday.

This is the most scarring experience in my life from the past month — which might explain why I haven’t been blogging very much.  Over the past couple of years, I’ve mostly been using my blog to reflect on areas of my life I want to improve and negative experiences I’m trying to process.  I haven’t had any negative experiences recently.  I still have areas I want to improve (hello, weight management) but nothing really driving me to distraction.

So, in this instance I guess silence is golden.  I’m happy.  I love my new job, and I have tons of (positive) challenges ahead of me.  I often get to commute to work with Per, which has been fun and much less stressful.  They feed me well at work (hello, weight management my old nemesis).  I have fantastic friends and I feel loved and connected.

So, other than that mutant ankle, the most amazing phenomenon has occurred.  I have Nothing to Complain About.  Stay tuned for my next post, since I’m sure this condition will change quickly…such are the vagaries of life.