Nothing to Complain About

Apparently, I have an extra bone in my right foot that puts me at a mechanical disadvantage and makes me more likely to sprain my ankle.  My left foot does not have the same design, so my mutancy is mis-matched.  The bone was probably a contributing factor to my ankle injury, but it did not put the orthopedic boot on my foot. I’ve been wearing the boot for approximately two weeks, and I am hopeful (but not confident) that I’ll be released from my podiatric prison on Thursday.

This is the most scarring experience in my life from the past month — which might explain why I haven’t been blogging very much.  Over the past couple of years, I’ve mostly been using my blog to reflect on areas of my life I want to improve and negative experiences I’m trying to process.  I haven’t had any negative experiences recently.  I still have areas I want to improve (hello, weight management) but nothing really driving me to distraction.

So, in this instance I guess silence is golden.  I’m happy.  I love my new job, and I have tons of (positive) challenges ahead of me.  I often get to commute to work with Per, which has been fun and much less stressful.  They feed me well at work (hello, weight management my old nemesis).  I have fantastic friends and I feel loved and connected.

So, other than that mutant ankle, the most amazing phenomenon has occurred.  I have Nothing to Complain About.  Stay tuned for my next post, since I’m sure this condition will change quickly…such are the vagaries of life.


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