Power and Politics


I still have Nothing to Complain About…but I’ve decided I should be more regular about my blogging.  Today’s challenge is political maneuvering.  During my first three weeks at my new job, I’ve been advocating for change and setting big goals.  It struck me as natural to come in and assess our gaps – what needed to be changed, tightened up, or implemented.  I eagerly started putting proposals in place…happy to make an impact, establish my brand, and prove my intelligence.

It’s taken me two weeks to realize that I may have committed to newbie mistake of coming on too strong.  In identifying areas of improvement, I was criticizing my co-workers and superiors.  In advocating for change I’ve been suggesting that we’re doing it wrong.

All this complexity drives me nuts.  I natively challenge the status quo, but not because I want to be critical.  I want to expand the pie for everyone, not criticize others or create a political turf war.  I’m happy to reconsider my notions and keep what makes sense – I rarely have too much pride of ownership.  I just want to do what moves the company and my sales organization forward.

However, it might be time to pause in my efforts – to observe but not change, to suggest more quietly, and to let the organization catch up a bit.  I might make more friends that way.


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