TimeHop ambushed me again this morning with a sweet memory from my past.  When I’m enmeshed in the daily flow of my life, the transitions between the days and events always make sense, and one decision flows logically from the next.  But when you pause to reflect, the discontinuities are stunning.

I’m taking a moment to pause.  I love my hectic, happy life.  I’m happy with Per, my house, my awesome friends, and my new job.  Especially the job…I could see myself retiring with this company, which is an amazing statement.

But for just a moment, I’m pausing in remembrance of the discontinuities.  To celebrate and acknowledge what feels like a different Wendy from so long ago.  A life with a cadre of girlfriends who weren’t yet juggling kids and family obligations.  A life where I was a wife, a daughter-in-law, a sister-in-law.  A time long ago where I was an aspiring writer and musician.  A time very long ago when I had a father and a stepfather and grandparents and loved ones who have long since passed.

I’m so happy to have had those times, too.




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