Coarse Corrections


2015 will be defined as the year I rediscovered my priorities.  I spent the year trying a lot of things that ultimately didn’t work or didn’t support my needs.  I made a lot of mistakes, kissed a lot of temporarily attractive frogs, and tried to talk myself into being happy with the situation.  Through the duration, I drank a lot of wine and gushed a lot of whine.

I’m done with my 2015 recap, since I’m filing for divorce from my whine (and trying to cut down on the wine too).

2016 will be my re-dedication to the principles I hold true:

  • Connecting with loved ones in genuine ways makes me happy
  • Working in a role that challenges me to innovate and be my best self is fulfilling, while chasing title and power is a distraction
  • Prioritizing my health and regular exercise leads to me feeling better inside and out
  • Traveling is for fun, not for work
  • Saying no can be empowering
  • Telling people you love them – in big ways and small – is important


Good riddance 2015 — here’s to a fantastic 2016.


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