Moments of Grace


Every once in a while there’s an ephemeral connection between two people.  A fundamental acknowledgement of the mutual challenges of life pass between two normally disjointed souls.  I call that experience a “Moment of Grace.”

Moments of grace happen too infrequently to rely on their presence in times of need, which may be why they seem so precious.  That moment when two people share a story, a laugh, a significant glance…and both understand the basic connection of the experience.  We might not ever get a chance to replicate that moment with the same person.  We may never meet again, but that connection binds us.

It’s these little things that hold us together, and that give others nuance and appeal.  No one is “all bad” or “all good” and we share so much together as part of the human connection.  These moments of grace can bring us together, despite everything that differentiates us.

Moments of grace make politics less important.  They put our focus back on people around us, and our responsibility to our country and kin.  These moments make career and ambition and economics – things that are often divisive – and make us realize that there’s a counterbalance to all out differences.

We should seek out our Moments of Grace.





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