Emotions High


There’s an impatience brewing in many of my female friends.  In me.  I don’t know if it’s borne of being 40-something and mid-career and mid-life when we’re sick of all the rules.  Perhaps it’s because there’s finally a credible female candidate for President — not vice-President, or assistant anything.  President.  Or perhaps it’s just cool to be a feminist once again…maybe we’re only a couple of steps away from bringing back bra burning and sit-ins.

Even if I can’t diagnose the cause, I can observe the symptoms.  I see so many articles and posts by women who are questioning the status quo.  One article I read today proclaimed:  ‘”Girls can do anything!” got translated somewhere along the line into “Women must do everything.”’ I see so many women railing against this proclamation.

It appears to be a time of conscious dissonance, when women are pushing back against expectations and the status quo.  I find myself doing it too, although I reject the term “feminist.”  I love men too.  I merely want an equal seat at the table, and I’m confounded by the nuances of our everyday life that keep me from realizing my equality.

I choose not to be angry; I choose to change the status quo.  I also wear pantsuits and cherish the quiet strength of a job well-done and relationships nurtured.  I am impatient but not impractical.  And I’m with her.


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