Story Spinner

The longer I live, the more it’s become apparent that stories have such a tremendous influence on my life.  My market value is a measurable reflection of my ability to spin tales — both the ones I recite internally to keep me motivated, and the ones I share externally to inspire others.

We no longer sit around the campfire and share mythological lore, but the thirst for stories still drives our brains and our passions.  Stories of the Olympics inspire us.  Tales of fantastic work success impress us.  News of presidential candidate faux pas influence our resolve to vote and for whom. Our life experiences, values, and attitudes combine to develop stories that create our brand in the minds of our friends and associates.

We can select the most inspiring and positive stories about ourselves to create a halo around our brand, or even to alter it over time.  This process is natural – we all know our stories as living and evolving entities which gain life even outside our own.  We also know that there are negative stories we can share about ourselves — selectively, with the people we trust most…or late at night inside our own dreams.

We are always the hero in our own stories, although sometimes we can be the comic villain or the misunderstood icon.  When sharing your story with others, it’s the delivery that counts.



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