Seeking Happy


Life can’t always focus on lists and structure.  About three weeks into my job search process. I realized that I wasn’t having a damn bit of fun.  Every day, there was always another phone call to make, another resume to send, another website to hit…I was driving myself nuts with follow up and tasks.  While I do fundamentally believe that selling oneself is like selling a product — it’s all about the sales funnel — there’s more to life than turning yourself into a product.

I added “Find Happy” to my daily task list during week four.

The Find Happy task was an invitation to take structure out of my life, and was just as high in importance as the “Job Search” task.  I wasn’t programmatic about what Find Happy meant — some days it’s watching a Netflix episode and being a couch potato, other days it’s taking a bike ride.  However, it’s important Happy happens too.

Today, I plan to go sit on the beach and read a book.  There’s been a lot of job search activity this week, and I need my brain to unwind.  Pretty soon I’ll be tied up with a J-O-B and won’t be able to take afternoons at the beach…I want to enjoy them while I can.

Find Happy.  It’s important, too.


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