Blind Turn


Almost forty years on this planet have taught me many things, but the lesson that keeps getting hammered into my brain is that there are few certainties in life.  We often sprint full-out down the road in front of us, only to hit a blind turn.  Sometimes the blind turn falls behind us as we blithely keep running.  And sometimes the unexpected happens.

Yes, it’s certainly a measure of our character when that unexpected event occurs.  If we use our minds, our hearts, and our ethics we can often rescue the situation from disaster.  However, sometimes we have less control then we would like.  And sometimes we fall short of what we’re actually capable of achieving in the moment.

One abiding lesson I’ve learned from these moments is to be kind to yourself, if things don’t go the way you expected.  I also strive to be kind to others who might have had similar experiences of falling short.  We race pell-mell into these blind turns all the time — and almost always we navigate successfully. It’s truly a shame that our reputation is based on the times we didn’t navigate perfectly, rather than all the times we did the right thing.


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