Down the Rabbit Hole


And then there are those moments that are truly surreal in my job search….

The job search matching challenge seems to be made more complex when involving recruiters.  Often, these executive recruiters are paid on contingency basis (they only get paid if I get hired) and they’re non-exclusive in their relationship with the hiring company.  So, they compete with other recruiters for “sourcing” candidates to particular roles.  However, it’s also important that they “own” the relationship with the candidate so that the hiring company can’t circumnavigate their relationship.

It’s like a double blind drug test – neither interviewer nor interviewee is permitted to know much about one another.  People speak in generalities — about the candidate’s background, about the hiring company, about the role.  Recruiters share the industry but not the company name, the general business concept but not the software brand, the compensation but not the team structure.  And thus begins an exercise in assembling the actual opportunity and evaluating how it fits my interests.

This week, I was contacted by four recruiters for what I believe are two discrete jobs.  However, it might be a single posting.  It’ll be interesting to see where we go from here.

Welcome to my life, viewed from outside the rabbit hole.  So far, the journey has been intriguing….


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