Digging Deep


I’m a pretty decent person to take along during a crisis.  There are many scenarios when I am less confident in my skills, but crisis management isn’t my weakness.  I adore that moment when time expands and my focus narrows to only one thing — managing through the event and minimizing the wreckage.

Perhaps I enjoy the feeling of single mindedness when emergencies strike — all competing priorities fall by the wayside.  My focus improves, and the tiny voices in my head join together to solve the problem.

Perhaps I am an adrenaline addict.  I’ve certainly made peace with the idea that I’m an endorphin addict, which is a close association with adrenaline’s cousin.  I’ve encountered countless near-disasters while cycling, and I suspect rolling on the razor’s edge of harm is one reason for my cycling fascination.

Perhaps it’d that my native decisiveness and opinionated nature are usually assets when in crisis.  I enjoy digging deeper, thinking faster, making quick decisions while not being paralyzed by the situation.  In a crisis, I have permission to be authoritarian.

I’ve developed a new habit of staging an internally-focused crisis situation, to bring about that focus, adrenaline, and authoritarianism into my daily life.  It’s certainly made my days more interesting  and fast-paced.  It keeps me from being unfocused, or from feeling shiftless.

Recently, digging deeper has become a way of life.



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