We build bridges to connect.

We construct transport mechanisms to propel us into the unknown

Not destroying them behind us, because bridges leave a sense of comfort

Always keeping our options open, in case the unknown is intolerable

Happy in the moment of the connection, the final step-off.  But nervous.

Our bridges go foggy with disuse, squeaky and warped where no feet have trod

Sometimes, we begin the journey across them…but the pall of failure dissuades

The people across the span have grown strange to us, the places no longer familiar

No matter how unpleasant our present, the trip across the bridge seems worse.

Perhaps the bridge should be destroyed.

We end up residing neither here nor there.

Feeling like a stranger in a strange land forever, wondering if we should build

New bridges to flee the sense of displacement.  New bridges to bridge the gaps.

We also know life should be more than building bridges, than crossing over them.

Everyone must discover a true home.


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