A Typical Day

I woke up this morning  hair before 6 am, and I felt normal.  Not sniffly or feverish or sore or tired or 100 other things I’ve felt intensely over the past week.  I think I might finally be on the mend from the flu, and from its evil sister that occupied me from Thanksgiving to mid-December.  In this moment, I vow never to take good health for granted again.

I’m sitting here writing my blog, drinking a cup of coffee (which wasn’t possible last week because my stomach took a holiday from both coffee and food) and everything feels so normal, so full of possibilities.  I’m kind of sad I have to work today, because I don’t really feel like I got any restful or fun vacation time.

I’ll try to impress you with more philosophical ruminations later in the week, when my brain has also returned to full wellness.  However, today I am simply happy to be a marginally healthy and operating human.  Now, onto spin class (which I am certain will humble me).



Successive Estimations

I’m not writing down any New Year’s Resolutions this year, or formulating another 20 step plan for success.  All of the lists from my prior years only partially succeeded.  I often dusted off the list mid-year and wondered WHO was that person who wanted item #7 on that list anyhow?  Surely not me?

I’ve come to acknowledge that life is an open system, and that we can’t fully change its direction all at once.  Some things are even completely outside of our control — although how we respond to those events is most certainly controllable.  And by May, I’m going to want new items on the list — because we’re human, and life is a game of successive estimations.

This year, I simply pledge to engage.  I pledge to wake up every morning and try to be the best person I can be that day.  I know this resolution seems trite and simplistic.  However, it just might be my most memorable resolution yet.